Brave: Family Session Sneak Peek

I already told the story of how brave this young man was…. he got stung by a bee literally a second before I took the first picture.   Thanks to a cold soft drink standing in as an ice pack, and some hugs from my soft monkey assistant, he managed to rock out this session.    His sister is super sweet as well, and really enjoyed getting her portraits made – it is fun when kids get to that point!  With that, here is their sneak peek.

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Blue & Red: Child Portrait Sneak Peek


When I was talking to mom before this session, she asked if I knew anyone with a wagon?   I had to think about it – but then I realized that if I just dug out the way too many stuffed animals my girls collect that yes indeed, I had a wagon!   I love how this picture came out and I am so glad that the mom had this image in her head and we could make it happen.  These girls are full of personality and so sweet – loved seeing them again!


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Family Fun: Family Portrait Sneak Peek

This family always has me laughing during our sessions.   It is very common for kids to get out of the mood for pictures during a session – and this family uses laughter to get everyone back in a fun mood.   I also love that each child gets to be them.   The girly girl is wearing her flowing pink dress and the explorer girl is holding the wild onions she found.   Every one is unique and that is what I love to see in portraits.   With that, here is there sneak peek.

tlsp-0666 tlsp-0683 tlsp-0703 tlsp-0719 tlsp-0749 tlsp-0766 tlsp-0781 tlsp-0814This picture just makes me laugh – we were walking up the hill, with this gorgeous setting – and I got the ‘do not take my picture right now’ hand in front of her face.


All I Want: Family Portrait Sneak Peek

The title of this post comes from the youngest member of the family.  All she wanted was to go to the playground, and to carry around my monkey assistant.  She was a trooper for most of the session but by the end the only thing we could do was go to the playground and let her have the monkey for awhile.


Thankfully between some adorable kids and a lovely evening and setting – we got great family portraits!   I am having such a hard time picking which images to share this week – with that here is the rest of the sneak peek.

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A Golden Evening at the Park: Family Portrait Sneak Peek

The next month is always the busiest time of year for Amerine Photography, and this lovely family got us started out on a great foot.   We had a nice evening at the park and these kids were so fun to work with.  They could not believe Ms. Kelly could balance a pine cone on her head….   here is their sneak peek!

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