Red, White and Blue: Extended Family Portrait Sneak Peak

I love capturing extended family portraits – it is such a wonderful memory to keep.   It is one of the blessings in my own life that we see our family enough to take pictures of all the cousins together.    It means a lot to me to do the same for others.   As the kids get older it can be hard to get everyone together – this session took us awhile to schedule.   Between swim, soccer, volleyball and more … let’s just say these families are very busy and I know many of us can relate to that.   I had a blast with them during the session and here is just a brief sneak peek.  (Plus I love the red white and blue color scheme – it is a great choice!)

hermesEF- hermesEF-9636 hermesEF-9654 hermesEF-9786 hermesEF-9830 hermesEF-9880

Baby E is One! Child Portrait Sneak Peek

You met this precious baby last year and she has grown so much!   She recently turned one so we had fun celebrating with balloons and cake.  She is not afraid of frosting – she very seriously dug in….   she tried the cake too, but the pink frosting was definitely her favorite.  With that, here is her sneak peek!

This one is from her first session.


Look at the sweet girl now!




EisOne-9043  EisOne-9093EisOne-9071 EisOne-9285 EisOne-9290

You are a girl after my own heart sweet E!  Now on to your next challenge – being a big sister.   Looking forward to see you tackle that role as well as you did the frosting.

Meet Baby W: Baby Session Sneak Peek

So excited that this adorable boy is a baby plan baby… I love getting to photograph babies as they grow!   Plus I have a challenge – he would not crack a smile for me during his session, but we know he has one, so next time I am not leaving til I get a smile.   We purposely were shooting this session for black & white images, but I had to at least include one in color that I just loved.   We also did not necessarily plan to have parents in the portraits, but I could not resist making them get in there and hopefully they don’t mind me including them on this blog.  I just love how you can see the love and affection between them.  With that, here is his sneak peek!

BabyW-2 BabyW-3 BabyW-4 BabyW-6 BabyW-7 BabyWBabyW-8

Happy Birthday Baby M: Child Portrait Sneak Peek

This cutie pie turned one and so we wanted to capture some portraits of this wonderful age.   This baby is so sweet – her favorite thing is to say hi and bye and wave and it melts my heart every time.   We’ll work on some family portraits for this family soon, but I am glad we carved out some time during this busy time of year to grab these portraits.   With that, here is her sneak peek!

MisOne MisOne-0396 MisOne-0418 MisOne-0428 MisOne-0484 MisOne-0550 MisOne-0584

Playing at the Park: Family Portrait Sneak Peek

I know this sweet family from church and swim team, so it made for a fun evening to wander at the park taking their portraits.   We thought it would be warm and sunny, and as always with this crazy weather instead it was a bit chilly and gray – but we still had a good time and I love the portraits of these adorable children.   With that, here is their sneak peek.

MJSP-0053 MJSP-0063 MJSP-0073 MJSP-0090 MJSP-0123 MJSP-9982