All I Want: Family Portrait Sneak Peek

The title of this post comes from the youngest member of the family.  All she wanted was to go to the playground, and to carry around my monkey assistant.  She was a trooper for most of the session but by the end the only thing we could do was go to the playground and let her have the monkey for awhile.


Thankfully between some adorable kids and a lovely evening and setting – we got great family portraits!   I am having such a hard time picking which images to share this week – with that here is the rest of the sneak peek.

jacksonsp-0617 jacksonsp-0582 jacksonsp-0428 jacksonsp-0373 jacksonsp-0396 jacksonsp-0402


A Golden Evening at the Park: Family Portrait Sneak Peek

The next month is always the busiest time of year for Amerine Photography, and this lovely family got us started out on a great foot.   We had a nice evening at the park and these kids were so fun to work with.  They could not believe Ms. Kelly could balance a pine cone on her head….   here is their sneak peek!

McGillSP-101 McGillSP-102 McGillSP-103 McGillSP-104 McGillSP-105 McGillSP-106 McGillSP-107 McGillSP-108 McGillSP-109

Throwback Thursday: A Look Back

Since my last three sessions have included families I’ve photographed over the years, I thought I’d do a series of Throwback Thursday posts.   First up is this lovely family on their fourth fall of family portraits!  Instead of all four years – here is a look at last month and the first session they had with me.

terry-0146 Terry4

terry-0129 Terry5

terrykids Terry1

Catching Up With Old Neighbors: Family Session Sneak Peek

I just love catching up with past clients and friends.   This family is connected to us in so many ways!  Not only did I go to college with the kids’ Aunt, but then our oldest children were born just weeks apart and got to be crib neighbors when they were just teeny tiny babies at Primrose.  It is hard to remember when they were that little…  I plan on doing a Throwback Thursday post to reminisce – but for now I will just show you a sneak peek of this lovely family.

spclopper-0734 spclopper-0739 spclopper-0836 spclopper-0849 spclopper-0891 spclopper-0964 spclopper-0980

Exploring A World of Color: Child Potrait Sneak Peek

I was going to meet these dear friends of mine at Piedmont Park for their session this past weekend.   Fortunately we looked at a calendar and realized that Music Midtown may not be the ideal portrait venue and I took the opportunity to search through some of my favorite Atlanta parks.   In my search I found a new park that opened recently that sounded really intriguing.  The playground was made of playable art.   We decided to try it, and was it ever fun and colorful!   I love how these have turned out, and these kids definitely had the personality to go along with this vibrant park.    The parents (mom was my maid of honor ten years ago!) said they were not getting into the portraits but we had to make them get into at least one – and I love how we did it.  With that, enjoy this sneak peek.

GW-0337 GW-0396 GW-0405 GW-0417 GW-0434 GW-0447 GW-0528  GW-0428GW-0571