Introducing Fall Mini-Sessions!

For the first time, Amerine Photography will be offering fall mini-sessions.  These are perfect for those just wanting to update their family portrait in time for Christmas cards and gifts.    They are only twenty minutes long so if you need to update portraits of each family member plus other fun poses like siblings – email me today to book a full family session.   These mini-sessions will have special collections available as well as products at their normal a la carte pricing.   The location will be an outdoor setting in the Buford/Dacula area and both morning and afternoon sessions will be available.   I anticipate these will fill up quickly and there is a limited number of spots so contact me today! or 678-793-3822 (texts work too!)

FallMinis web

When Your Aunt Babysits…

So I babysat my adorable niece last week, and what happens when a photographer babysits her niece?  She gets her 9 month portraits taken of course!   I could not help it and it was a lot of fun.  She thought it was great playtime and kept trying to come get me.   This truly is a wonderful age.   I love how the portraits came out so I had to share just a few.

Maggie9Mos-106 Maggie9Mos-113 Maggie9Mos-121 Maggie9Mos-124

Meet Sweet Baby E: Baby Portrait Session

This sweet girl won my heart – especially because I could just see how much her mom and dad loved her.   They would smile down at her and she would give them back the best smile – it was such a great feeling to witness that love.   They have patiently waited for their sneak peek so without any more of my ramblings here it is.

emma-  emma-9055 emma-9131emma--2 emma-9177 emma-9200

A Soccer Playing Family: Family Portrait Sneak Peek

I had the honor of getting to photograph this family the other morning – I say honor because it truly was such a fun enjoyable session.   This family was just full of personality and super sweet.    We were worried about rain but went ahead with the session, and actually ended up with a gorgeous morning!   I’m glad they brought a soccer ball with them – all three kids play soccer and it made a great way to end the session.  With that, here is the sneak peek!

lorimiller-8189 lorimiller-8209 lorimiller-8223 lorimiller-8250 lorimiller-8266 lorimiller-8350 lorimiller-8422 lorimiller-8432

Seriously Adorable: Child Portrait Sneak Peek

I love taking portraits of 6 month olds – probably one of my favorite ages.   They can sit.  They don’t run away.   They are just so adorable.   Usually they are all smiles – but my latest baby was not having that.   She reminds me so much of my younger one – my Katherine was such a serious baby.    I even remember asking the doctor about it – now that seems silly because she is the one who makes us all laugh.     Some babies are just serious, and this one last week was seriously beautiful.   Don’t worry – the parent ‘fly’ technique still worked to get a smile!

Ramsey-7433 Ramsey-7444 Ramsey-7498 Ramsey-7543 Ramsey-7557 Ramsey-7583 Ramsey-7651